Friday, December 3, 2010

Chantal & Marco at the Portofino Bay Hotel Wedding Photography

Chantal & Marco are well, lets just say "In Shape". Working out to them is like breathing. Natural and automatic. Very similar to the love they have for each other. Natural & Automatic.

Marco, is one HECK of a guy who is a big kid and he's not afraid to share it with you. A fun guy who can dish out the jokes as well as take them.

Chantal, like her name is an elegant beauty. Look at her. Easy going and so polite and just a genuine sweet person.

We met at the Portofino Hotel in Orlando, which is where they met. The Lighting was incredible by beautiful and just KISSING us everywhere we went.

I cant wait till May 2011 when I have the honor of documenting their Wedding day...YOU have got to come back to see them.....

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